Purchase conditions

THEORIA CONGRESOS (Hernández Tena Congresos, S.L.), Organising Secretariat of the 27th European Symposium on Urogenital Radiology, is concern about privacy and transparency.

 More information on this can be found at this link: https://www.esur2021.org/privacy-policy/

 Purchase conditions

 The organisers reserve the right to offer discounts on registration fees and to cancel them when they consider appropriate.

Registration fees includes: see registration fees

 To written cancelations submitted to info@esur2021.org and with confirmation receipt, refund will be made:

  • To written cancelations submitted and confirmation receipt before 15th October 2021, will refund the 80% of the fee paid.
  • Any change or cancellation will not be accepted after 15th October 2021.


 No exchanges or refunds of registrations fees will be accepted, except in case of cancellation of the Event. Except in the case set out above, the User may not exercise the right of withdrawal or termination, in accordance with current consumer and retail trade regulations.

  1. The impossibility of attending the event or an error in the registration purchase (for example, entering the wrong e-mail address during the purchase process) are not refund grounds.
  2. In accordance with current consumer and retail trade regulations, the Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal or termination, as the supply of leisure activities services is exempt from this right.
  3. If the event is cancelled after more than a half of it has elapsed, the Buyer shall not be entitled to the registration fee refund.
  4. Before any cancellation or change that takes place in an Event, HERNANDEZ TENA CONGRESOS, S.L is committed to publish it in the Web Site, and to send an e-mail to the Buyer to the address indicated in the Registration Form, reporting about that cancellation or change.

The organisation will not refund the registration fee at any time if the event cannot take place due to force majeure beyond the control of the event organisers. No refunds will be made to attendees who are unable to attend due to reasons beyond their control and critical circumstances such as transport strikes, accidents, illness, etc. or any other problem beyond the control of the event organisers that prevents the attendee from attending the congress.

The event may be recorded for broadcasting on different channels, so that attendees may be recorded. In case of not wishing to appear in videos or recordings, this must be explicitly communicated. The contents and videos of the conferences and workshops of the event are property of HERNANDEZ TENA CONGRESOS, S.L., and its copyright belongs to HERNANDEZ TENA CONGRESOS, S.L. to be able to publish them in the way and time it considers. Attendees may upload photographs of the event on the Internet, but it is not permitted to record videos or audios of the conferences or publish them on any of the existing video platforms.


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