Extramural bladder masses of pregnancy
Type:Educational Electronic Presentation
Authors: George Weeratunga, Leo Kallarackel, Matthew Gaston
Keywords:Bladder, MRI, Pregnancy
Educational objective

Bladder masses identified during pregnancy are rare, however are often picked up during antenatal scanning.   MRI can be useful to evaluate these lesions.  Here a case of a 27-year-old G2P1 woman with a bladder lesion identified at twelve weeks gestation is reviewed.

Topic Review

Bladder masses identified during pregnancy most commonly are related to benign causes. However previous case reports of malignancy have been identified previously. Extramural masses can appear to arise from the bladder on ultrasonography. A combination of MRI and cystoscopy can be used to help determine the aetiology of these lesions. Differential for such a lesion could be consistent of a cervical leiomyoma, bladder leiomyoma or an endometrioma.  

During the pregnancy, the mass caused no symptoms and there were other complications of the pregnancy.


A flexible cystoscopy was performed at 24 weeks gestation which revealed normal bladder mucosa and a 4cm extramural  right posterior lateral mass.


An MRI scan was performed at 28 weeks.


Given the extramural location of the mass an expectant approach was...

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Bladder masses identified during pregnancy are rare but should be judiciously evaluated with a combined approach of endoscopy and radiology evaluation in the form of  ultrasound and MRI to determine further management.

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